Canine Good Neighbour Prep

Our Canine Good Neighbour Prep class will have you and your dog ready to tackle your Canine Good Neighbour exam in no time! Our customized program helps prepare you for all 12 exam steps.

Schedule your CGN lessons at your convenience – evening and weekend times available! We will come to you!

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Jade is an expert at the Canine Good Neighbour exam having passed it with 11 of her dogs over the years! She has taken it with both rescue dogs and dogs she has raised from puppies including dogs from 5 different breed groups!

Our Canine Good Neighbour prep is one on one training that allows you to focus on the skills you need the most help with!

  • Polite greetings with both dogs and humans
  • Stranger handling, grooming and manners
  • Being left alone with a stranger
  • Walking on a loose leash through crowds and past dogs
  • Coming when called
  • Stay at a distance

To learn more about the Canine Good Neighbour exam please visit the Canadian Kennel Club’s website.