Welcome to Where’s Your Sit?

Where’s Your Sit offers professional, in home pet dog training services for puppies and adult dogs, group dog training classes and behaviour consultations. We serve Nanaimo, British Columbia and surrounding area.

All of our training will give you results in real life environments including your home, dog parks and out for a walk in the neighbourhood. We specialize in fearful and aggressive dogs; but work with dogs all ages, temperaments and breeds.

Want a well-behaved, calm companion who’s a pleasure to live with? We can help!

  • Convenience. One on one service in your home with flexible scheduling.
  • Results. Customized training programs for quick relief from behaviour problems.

We use 100% humane training methods based on the latest behavioural science.

Contact us by phone (250) 668-7415 or email wheresyoursit@gmail.com