We take great pride in our work at Where’s Your Sit? and have many happy customers to give us references. Check out just a few of the happy families that we’ve worked with over the years.

Jas, Sharon, Stella & Dobby


We met Jade after we were struggling with our pitbull-mix dog Stella. We were using aversive methods as recommended by another trainer and started to notice that Stella was only getting worse.

We knew there should be another option to rehabilitate our fearful dog. Jade gave us a better understanding of dog behaviour and the tools to help Stella gain the trust and confidence she deserved without using any forceful methods. Jade was also very knowledgeable of bully breeds which made us feel more comfortable with training.

Stella had so many behavioural issues and we were able to tackle them one-at-a-time using positive reinforcement and patience. It was amazing to see Stella flourish. Stella was then able to attend classes that Jade instructed. These included Rally Obedience, Adventure Dog and Agility.

We adopted Stella’s brother Dobby at 8 weeks and Jade also provided lots of guidance and training on raising a happy and healthy puppy.

We spent several years working with Jade and learned so much. We will always be forever indebted to Jade as she is the reason we changed our training philosophy and training methods. We have two very happy pups at home. We would whole-heatedly recommend Jade as a dog trainer.


Megan & Tess


I have taken classes with Jade for many years now, and I can’t recommend them enough. The first class I took with her was the Canine Good Neighbour class with my new puppy – after freshly graduating our puppy class – during which she helped continue to guide and encourage us as we worked on our basic obedience, and gave me the knowledge and skills to work with my typically troublesome puppy. Since then we have continued with Adventure Dog classes, Disc Dog and Tracking. She has constantly given us the confidence to try new doggie sports, imparted invaluable advice and suggestions to get us in the competitive agility ring for the first time this year, and always has a word of encouragement when we encounter training issues.

As much as she has helped me in our dog sport & obedience journey, the help I can never thank her enough for is for working with me and my dog’s fearfulness, especially around children. Jade’s ability to give us simple, easy to understand exercises to work to improve my dog’s reaction and feelings towards new situations and people is a tribute to her knowledge. But perhaps more importantly was the compassion and understanding she conveyed in dispensing her knowledge. Always quick to recognize and point out successes, even when I felt like a total pet parent failure! While we may never “fix” the fearfulness I feel that she has now given me many of the tools to improve and deal with those issues and provide my dog with a much better quality of life, and the ability to enjoy all the wonderful things we can do together.

If you are looking for a positive, encouraging, no force training program to compete in dog sports, obedience, or help with behavioural concerns I would absolutely recommend Jade!

Laura, Chili & Morley


Jade is so awesome  with dogs and people.  Over the years I have enjoyed taking fun classes and some private training sessions with her. Jade has taught me the great value of focus work, timing  with our dogs and how to set them up for success . To have  fun  while training  with shorter sessions and lots of positive reinforcement . I am very happy to recommend Jade Where’s your sit as a trainer . We have learnt a lot , had tons of fun and  it’s a great way to bond with the dogs.

Michele & Oscar


Jade – just wanted to let you know the hyper dog class we took with you has sure paid off! I took Oscar to the office Monday afternoon and everyone was surprised there was even a dog there. He laid there right away waiting for direction! I just pointed and he went down! Didn’t even hear a peep from him and he didn’t wander around sniffing! And I was the one saying he would never do it! At the dog park he goes into a lay while I get what I need out of the car – yes on the gravel! Your classes and us doing the homework — it has paid off where I am allowed to bring him to work when I want now —- Thank you!

Amelia & Clara


Clara and I enrolled in ‘Operation Tog Dog’ as something fun to do with a friend and her dog who had done classes with Jade before, and that was exactly what we got. Jade had an incredibly kind, and down to earth way of running the classes. Through this she created a really positive environment for Clara to relax, focus and learn in, (which was no easy task as she was only six months old, and a very excitable doodle puppy).
The structure of the class was the other really unique thing about our experience. When it came to teaching behaviours, Jade always presented all of the different degrees of intricacies and then supported and helped you achieve whatever level you were looking to achieve from basic understand, through to competition requirements.
The more casual environment combined with the flexibility of the classes to cater to each dog an owners’ unique needs, made for a really enjoying and rewarding experience. Thanks, Jade!

Nav, Sabrina & Tyko

My fiancé and I had the pleasure of attending the Adventure Dog Program during this summer. Being new to the area we wanted to do our research before signing our puppy up for classes. After speaking with people at local dog parks and reviewing trainers online we decided Where’s Your Sit met our needs perfectly. The convenient class times, sizes and affordability made it a perfect fit for us. We spoke with Jade and instantly felt comfortable. She provided us the information we needed to begin attending classes and outlined her training techniques. We were excited to begin our training.
Tyko, our amazing Miniature Schnauzer, hit it off with Jade right away. Jade was down to earth, friendly and relatable. She made us feel comfortable and we were able to make mistakes and learn from them without the fear of looking foolish. During our training sessions, Tyko mastered the basics as well as some more advanced skills. Such as reliable recall, distance sits/downs as well as longer sit-stays and down-stays. Jade always made time to explain everything and we always felt like we received great one on one attention.
Jade helped us build a strong trusting relationship with Tyko. Tyko walked away a much more confident and mature dog. We would defiantly recommend anyone reading this to speak with Jade and you will instantly see why she is such a great trainer. We would like to thank Where’s Your Sit and Jade for all the great advice and information she has provided us as well as putting Tyko on right track for doggy success. 

Danielle, Brett & Nix

We did want to say thank you for all you help. Nix had very basic training and a few behaviour issues before we joined your class, when we started we were pretty frustrated with her. Now she listens, even in places with lots of distractions, such as the beach.  I am confident I can take her to public places and even off leash and have tools to manage her behaviour.
The time we had training her helped us bond with her and appreciate her uniqueness. It also taught us that she needs a leader and structure in her life to gain confidence. I liked having the flexible time schedule, the smaller class sizes and the outdoor “real life” setting.  Thanks for everything, she has come a long ways.

Dani, Pam, Bailey & Bentley

After waiting until our two Labs were three and five years old before hiring a trainer, we were afraid their bad habits might be too tough to break. Bailey and Bentley liked to pull us right down our front steps when we took them for walks. We had such a hard time controlling them when the doorbell rang that sometimes we just opted not to answer. We had even stopped going to the dog park because Bailey would take off running and never look back.
Jade tailored our in-home sessions to work on our specific problems. We loved her positive-reinforcement approach and she was super friendly, even when we bombarded her with a million questions! Now our dogs walk with a loose leash and they’ve gotten really good at staying in their beds while we answer the door. Best of all, Bailey has stopped trying to leave the dog park with other families! Both dogs have a great time at the park and like to come back to check in with us. Our recall isn’t perfect yet, but we now have the tools to keep building those skills.
Training with Jade was extremely comfortable and fun, and we’d recommend her to anyone who wants to have a good time while bonding with their pooch!

Dr. Germaine Hung DVM & Kona

Kona joined the Adventure Dog Program as a four month old puppy. She knew the basic commands taught in most puppy classes and needed a bit more of a challenge. The Adventure Dog Program was perfect for Kona because it allowed her to socialize with other dogs, like a puppy class, yet learn more advanced commands. For us, it was also important that she learn off leash skills.
With Jade’s guidance, training tips and ideas, and patience Kona has improved significantly (although she is still a work in progress). Kona loved going to training and while she learned lots I think her favourite part was playing with other dogs, especially Jade’s own Marco!
We truly enjoyed our summer of training with Kona and would certainly do it again.

Kalie & Maggie

A very stubborn bulldog + white carpet + 9th floor apartment = worst idea ever! Luckily Jade was able to come out to our home, help us assess the situation and come up with a house training plan. In no time she had Maggie (and us!) trained and the accidents became far less frequent. She even made recommendations about how to keep the neighbours happy while Maggie cried through her first few nights with us. Inviting Jade into our home empowered us to ensure we were enabling Maggie to succeed as part of our family.
Maggie also loved participating in Hyper Dog Program and I love the result! Maggie can now be introduced to new, high energy and distracting situations without my worrying about what she’s going to do next. We have even managed to have her settle (aka Frog Dog) in a strangers house, TV blaring, with kids screaming, food on the table and kids toys all over the floor. It takes a little work but the payoff is amazing!

Belinda & Jasper

I adopted Jasper from the Humane Society last year and they told me he was reactive. I was a bit overwhelmed at first since he was my first dog. “Where’s Your Sit” really helped Jasper become a happy well-adjusted dog, and myself a responsible owner. He’s come such a long ways with his dog training classes and dog walks. It’s such a good feeling to know that I can count on” Where’s Your Sit” for training when I need it.