Adventure Dog Program

Our group classes are family friendly and take place in the real world – we want you and your dog to learn how to handle real life situations. We are a force free training school and do not use choke chains, prong collars or shock collars in our classes. We will teach you how to use humane methods to get real results.

Please call (250) 668-7415 or email to register


The Adventure Dog Program runs continuously which allows owners and their dogs to practice training skills as long as they need. Join at any time!

Classes are one hour in length and run as a drop in style. Miss classes as you need without losing a session. Our flexible schedule allows for you to fit dog training into your busy and dynamic schedule.

Our focus is on effective training that will have your dog responding to you in busy and distracting environments. Dogs will learn to recall, walk politely on leash, follow basic cues like sit, down and leave it as well as manners, appropriate greetings and off leash reliability. Beginner to advanced obedience skills are integrated so there’s no limit to what your dog can learn.

Dogs of all ages and training levels are welcome. Please note this class is not suitable for dogs with reactivity or aggression issues. We have other programs available for dogs with those behaviour concerns.

Drop in fee $25

Package of 6 Lessons $144

Package of 10 Lessons $230

Thursdays at 6pm until October 25. We will break from November 1 to March 31.

Our location does change so please pre-register to receive a copy of the latest schedule. Our classes are held in Central Nanaimo in Bowen Park.

Please call (250) 668-7415 or email to register