Heidi was adopted from the Calgary Humane Society at 8 months old. She received very poor scores on her behaviour test and I knew she needed me so she came home. Heidi hadn’t been exposed to dogs and struggled with socialization. She was terrified of most things including new people especially men. Walking her was difficult because even a leaf blowing in the wind would set her off in a barking fit.

With hard work and lots of love Heidi has become a beloved member of our family, a sports dog and a hard worker with other fearful and reactive dogs. She graduated from obedience class and went on to be my first competition agility dog. Her sports career sadly ended when her vision became poor. Heidi, at 12 years old, still helps with me with clients.


  • Canine Good Neighbour certificate
  • Agility – one Gamble and Snooker run away from her Starters Games Dog of Canada title due to vision loss. Competed in Starters Jumpers, Snooker and Gamblers as well as Advanced Jumpers before retirement.


Titles: CGN


  • Born November 2007
  • Salt & Pepper
  • 12″ Tall, 13lbs
  • Female/Spayed
  • Miniature Schnanuzer adopted from Calgary Humane Society