I met Remo when one of my friends was fostering him for BC Chihuahua Rescue and it was love at first sight. Picking a rescue dog for adoption can be quite the challenge as my family has a child and several other dogs. We need to ensure the new dog will not only be comfortable and happy with us but that my other dogs will accept him. We did a meet and greet with Remo and the Aussies and he did great. He wasn’t scared of them and tolerated them sniffing him. He had previously lived with other dogs so was comfortable in a multi-dog house hold.

The rescue that had Remo was very diligent in providing top of the line care and he had several vet check ups before he was adopted to us to ensure his health concerns (allergies) and general health were taken care of. Remo is a textbook case of a successful adoption that I would love all my clients to experience when bringing in a new dog in this manner. If you would like to learn more about how to select a rescue dog and what good rescues do to ensure they are successfully placing dogs please get in touch. Rescue can be such a positive experience for everyone when done correctly.




  • 11 years old
  • Black & Tan
  • 8″ Tall, 11lbs
  • Male/Neutered
  • Chihuahua adopted from BC Chihuahua Rescue